Content Management System

ArtsysCMS is providing the most effective, easy-to install and learn content management system for your digital signage scenarios. Creating layouts and scheduling have never been so easy. With Artsys Player you have the easiest plug-and-play solution.

It is available

  • To create a CMS server on Windows or Ubuntu host,
  • To manage it everywhere,
  • To draw your imaginaton in layouts,
  • To make a campaign,
  • To schedule the players,
  • To check the status of the players,
  • To build your presentation once and
  • run it everywhere!


Play your presentation on Android and Windows devices. Easy to install and configure.

Capable of playing

  • Videos & Pictures
  • Clock, Forecast IO, Currency informations
  • Text
  • Streaming Videos
  • Twitter Feeds
  • Power Point
  • Web Pages
  • Embedded HTML
  • Flash
  • RSS Feeds
  • Shell Commands

Use offline

All the content is cached in advance and played back even when the device loses connection with the CMS.